Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Will the Netflix Lead Last?

Netflix is reporting their challenge from Blockbuster has not eroded their lead in the online DVD rental industry.

As a customer since 2002, I was rooting for them most of the way, but I'm not sure their market share is going to continue if many renters are getting the treatment I'm getting. Am I seeing the ugly head of throttling, the industry's suspected practice of slowing down a heavy renter's turnaround? I ain't that heavy a renter!

Have you seen a movie lately?
Lately it seems I pretty much have to report a movie missing to get them to even check it in. I mean days and days pass before things get moving in my cue, and I live about two hours from the distribution center.

I was talking to my sister-in-law over Christmas who told me as Blockbuster by-mail customers she and my brother-in-law have had great turnaround times. He's rewatched much of the old Wiseguy season one with very short lag times between return, check in and the arrival of a new disk.

Granted they live a little closer to the distribution center than I do, but a couple of days to get through the mail is about all it should take. Even with holidays and heavy mail slowdowns I sent "Mr. and Mrs. Smith back more than a week ago and it's now showing to have been checked in today.

For the first time ever, I'm thinking I may leave Netflix and swap over to their competitors in yellow and blue.

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iratesavant said...

I must say I had little trouble from Netflix regarding turnaround times. For some time I believed they were sending me horribly scratched discs, but then I discovered that the problem was in fact my dvd player, produced by the noisome corporation Toshiba.

I have found that a firm yet polite message can often produce positive results, at least for a time.

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