Monday, October 17, 2005

A new guest

We have another new resident at our house. Currently he's known as Gray Kitty. We hesitated in naming him because we spent a good bit of time trying to find his original owner.

He showed up after some bad weather, so we thought maybe he was just lost, thrown off course during the wind and rain. He'd been neutered, which we originally interpreted as female, but, at any rate there was a human willing to pay vet bills involved at some point.

Early thoughts
At first, I saw him at the edge of the yard and thought he was just passing through, but the next morning he turned up on the patio, sharing Oliver's food bowl.

And he proved to be very affectionate, a lap sitter, an ankle circler. Christine granted him a temporary patio visa and I fixed up some towels in a box.

Soon he was keeping Fred the Racoon at bay and giving Oliver orders.

So we have to go through the name thing again. Christine was toying with British authors or Greek gods earlier, but nothing's been resolved.

We're now a four cat family.

More on Ashley (Gray Kitty)

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