I'm an aging nerd with enthusiasm for creativity in all its forms.
Interviews With Me

The Backstory
I'm the author of numerous published books, and I'm currently published by Crossroad Press, which has brought out many of my original novels in Kindle and other e-book editions. All of my Kindle titles are here

I worked as a newspaper reporter for eleven years. In the early days as a general assignment reporter, my shift was 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., so I wrote fiction in the early morning hours, completing most of my work from midnight until 2 a.m., ironically an appropriate time for dark fiction.

In addition to fiction writing, I've worked as a librarian and web content editor.

In 2010, I earned an MFA from Goddard College. I'd wanted to pursue an MFA for a number of years and first considered in the 1980s but opted to see if I could get published on my own. 

Besides books and short stories I've also written audio dramas, comics and other scripted fiction. I've also had books published under the name Michael August. 

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