Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Bury the Living revisited

I have a bit of affection for I Bury The Living, a low-budget, late-50s thriller with an is-it-or-isn't-it- supernatural plot.

It aired on one of the monster-chiller-drive-in horror TV shows recently, probably because it's in public domain, and that prompted me to re-watch.

Richard Boone, of Have Gun Will Travel fame, stars as Robert Kraft. Everything revolves around Kraft's appointment as director of a massive cemetery. Deaths begin to occur when he sticks black pins in owned but not yet occupied burial plots on a cemetery map with a few markings on it that remind you of The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Kraft wonders if he possesses some dark magic and struggles to figure out what's going on as more deaths pile up.

There are a few stretches of the imagination, but it's a bit of fun and suspense, and it shows how a decent tale can be told with a few characters and just a few sets and suggestion.

Would a Dark Castle-style remake ruin it?
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