Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zoran Drvenkar's SORRY - Dark Thriller "for readers with quick minds and strong stomachs"

I have word of a new British horror novel coming down the pike. It has an interesting trailer (above)  that hints at its content.

It's the tale of a trio who set up an agency named "Sorry" to right wrongs and help the wrongly accused.

The synopsis describes the point where things go wrong thusly:

"What they hadn't counted on was their next client being a cold-hearted killer. But who is the killer and why has he killed? Someone is mocking them, and hell is only just beginning."

The book, by Zoran Drvenkar, a German-speaking author, earned praise from The Times and The Guardian, so it might be an intriguing, dark thriller. The Times warned it's for readers "with quick minds strong stomachs."

It's available via Amazon UK.

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