Monday, May 26, 2014

Joston Theney Interview Re: Axeman

I spoke with Joston Theney, the writer director of the new horror thriller Axeman recently for Fear on Demand.

The text version of that interview is now available on the online literary magazine Paper Tape.

Joston talks about his love for '80s-style slasher films and how Axeman came about.

He also discusses working with scream queens including Brinke Stevens.

Check it out, and get a look at the Axeman trailer over at the Paper Tape site

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Writing Process - A Blog Hop Stop

Roland Mann from Roland's Ramblin' Web Log asked me to play in this bit of internet tag, so here goes. It's a blog hop called My Writing Process.

What am I working on?

I'm editing a short novel called Dark Hours. It's an expansion of a short story I wrote several years ago.  OK, a lot a years ago.

The original story was called "The Exclusive," and it appeared in Cemetery Dance.

Not long ago, a confluence of events made me realize there was perhaps a little more to the story.

A book of mine, New Year's Evil, now available on Kindle and other platforms, was optioned for a pitch to The Hub network, and that got me the opportunity to at least talk with Hollywood agent types. That's like saying, "I was given the opportunity to rip my frickin' hair out," but that's another story. Good things can come out of ripping your frickin' hair out.

One agent seemed more comfortable with a spec screenplay than shopping the rights to other books.

So, I wrote a  screenplay version of "The Exclusive," expanding the story and hitting all of those Save the Cat! beats.

The original short story ended with a revelation that was a bit open ended. I realized there were a number of incidents that might happen after that point. The short was just the beginning, Act 1, you might say.

The agent and I  danced a bit after that.  I think we may be waiting the band to come back for another set, but I never let myself get too excited about Hollywood stuff. Fun if it happens. Life goes on if it doesn't.

In the meantime, I decided to write the novel version of the newly expanded story. Raymond Chandler used to do that. "Red Wind" found its way into Farwell, My Lovely etc. etc.

Nah, I'm not Chandler, but I'm pretty pleased with the tale.

It's the story of an ambitious student reporter who pursues an interview with a possible killer. She finds herself trapped in the school library's basement documents depository after hours, the dark hours, and she finds out the killer's not who she thinks he is. And he wants to play twisted little games.

The tale really focuses on her ordeal and fight to survive.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I hope it has a little character depth and thematic complexity you might not find in every dark thriller. As I was writing it, I read about some contemporary events that concerned me, and those threads wove nicely into the fabric of the story. It's aimed at being a compact thriller, but it deals with some issues schools are always wrestling with, and some things that the world is starting to realize need to be corrected.

Why do I write what I do?

It's a gift, or it's my cross to bear. I'm a bit of an optimist, but tempered with a dark sensibility. My stories tend to explore the shadowy side of the world. There are a lot of theories about why people write and read dark tales.

I don't really know why I write them. That's just where the muse takes me. Or the cliff the muse shoves me off.

How does my writing process work?

I write every morning. I have to work it around giving my cat subcutaneous fluids, but I'm back to having a schedule that lets me get some things done. My teaching schedule really begins at 9 a.m. if I have a morning class, and I'm an early riser. I work before I have to go anywhere, but not before I have a cup of coffee.

It's kind of the reverse of my early days when I wrote late at night and into the wee hours. I start writing now around the time I once went to bed. Well, maybe a little later than that.

Who’s next in My Writing Process Blog Hop?
Next up on the blog hop is my buddy and co-worker Tom Lucas, who is the author of Leather to the Corinthians and other tales. Drop over to his blog, Read Tom Lucas and check out his poetry and more.

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