Friday, February 26, 2010

Found Art

Below is material from what may seem an esoteric exercise from my last MFA residency, but I kind of liked what came out of it. This is actually just a part of the whole process, which involved the insertion of some other text between sections.

When all of it's said and done the process winds up being a bit of a psychological exercise that mines your thoughts about your writing. It really provides insight. I was amazed.

Our assignment was to seek out signs or words in our environment then write a few lines about each. Made me notice things I was walking past, for sure.

Outside the process, as a mixture of found art and text, this is what came about:

Waiting, unseen
To be of
Waiting underfoot
Service underground

Walk this way
Give me a hand
Give me feet
Give me a heart

The way you're supposed to be going is behind you
The way your are going is ahead
Gate keepers say turn back
Something says keep going.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Horror Podcast Episode - A tale by Martel Sardina

We have a new episode of Fear on Demand live. I guess an "at last" should be added. I was so fried after the past academic semester that I found it hard to lift a finger for most of December.

Happily, now that it's time to start writing school again, I have an episode ready and a couple of more I can launch down the road in timely publication fashion.

This episode features a tale called "The Color of My Wounds" by Martel Sardina, who has several Twilight Tales publications, making her contribution a nice fit for FOD. Wayne Sallee who is a dear friend of mine and who contributed a story to Episode 2 of FOD, is a Twilight Tales alum as well, and many other Twilight Tales contributors are friends or friends of friends.

All writers who put pen to the darker genres share a certain kinship, and more roads lead to the Chicago Mafia of horror writers than many people realize.

Anyway drop by the FOD blog or search for it on iTunes and stay tuned for some more chilling tales in the near future.

You might also want to check out David Byrd, The Blue Jeans Guy, who lent his voice to Martel.

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