Friday, April 06, 2012

The Dusk Society on BlackBerry

I can't really testify as to the reading experience. Christine is the BlackBerry user in our household, but Campfire has released the graphic novel I created, The Dusk Society for BlackBerry devices.

Actually Christine uses a Storm, and I'm sure this is targeted more to tablets, but if you're a digital comics reader you now have one more option. It's also in the iBooks store, if you're among the few who happen to own iPads.

Someday, I may do a post detailing editorial changes made to my original script. For example, I didn't telegraph the monster on the first page, and some of the more "expository" dialogue isn't mine.

Still, my core story is in the pages, however you get to the tale, and I particularly like the way one of the young heroines gets chemistry class dismissed, before focusing her intelligence on more meaningful pursuits like monster hunting.

The BlackBerry version is here
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