Monday, March 01, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Tweets

Before they're lost, I thought I'd save for posterity--or the life of blogspot--a few of the tweets that have erupted from my brain over the past few weeks:

My body's vertical, but my brain's still horizontal.

If John Krasinski is cast as Captain America, I'm trying to imagine him rolling his eyes in response to Nick Fury.

When did reconciliation become so divisive?

What is the deal with Facebook's news feed? I just wished happy travels to somebody who's back already.

I'm pretty sure the coyote I'm looking at isn't as scared of me as I am of him.

Die unneeded sentences. Die!

The one rule that's really set in concrete at our house is "No Brando Impressions."

Spartacus: Blood and Sand = Original Spartacus + Red Shoe Diaries x 300.

Apple is introducing a new device for activists. It's called the iMad.

I'm having a nosebleed. I may be unstuck in time. How'd they fix that on Lost?

Passive sentences do vex me.

Not 'aints no more.

"Select theaters" usually means nowhere near you.

A lot of warnings tell you caffeine will make you more tired later, but I live in the now!

My fortune cookie today read: "A peaceful mind is a source of power." Good sentiment, especially today.

Keyser Söze is rumored to be using an iSlate. (Note: That's what everyone thought the iPad was going to be called when rumors were flying.)

Why do they call them car coats? I have a heater in the car. I need my coat when I get OUT of my car.

You are not in Kansas anymore. This is Pandora. Please select a song or artist to create your playlist.

You can call me Sid if you're feeling monosyllabic.

I drink so much green tea I should be invincible by now. Wait, I think I just saw a demonic monkey.
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