Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What's On the Pod Week of Oct. 17

I'm not into self-help books. I don't believe they really help much, but that said, I'm finding Dark Nights of the Soul--by the interestingly named Thomas Moore--fascinating. Apparently it's a followup to another work, Care of the Soul.

I ran across it in the Eliot Bay Book Company while we were in Seattle, but I decided to get an audio version rather than pick up a hard copy.

Moore on Metaphor
Moore's approach to dark nights of the soul--or those periods of trial that drop into our lives--is mythic. He urges the discovery of metaphors as a way of coping and expressing the deep recesses of the soul in truth beyond words.

It's a concept that deservers more than that paragraph can express.

I was interested in it mostly because I was experiencing an illness a few months back , but it's explorations of meaning span much broader aspects of experience.

It's an enriching book to exprience.

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