Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ashley's Eyes

Ashley is the second cat to turn up on our doorstep, arriving a few months back. He won my wife's heart after just a few days and manged to work his way inside with the coming of cold weather.

He was hungry when he first arrived and had a terrible case of ear mites, so severe that he had scratched sores over his ears. We ran an ad to find his owner in our local paper but got no answers, so we took him in.

Eye problem
We realized immediately he had problems with one eye as well. Worried that there might be cancer present, our vet suggested that we might need to remove the eye.

He gave us the option of seeing a specialist, however, so we took Ash in today for his appointment with a kitty opthamologist.

She determined the problem was not melanoma. Some time in the past he suffered a severe injury to the eye, possibly even a shot of some kind, maybe a BB or pelet gun.

It mangled the retina badly although outside the eye is entact.

A case study
It was such an odd case she had the other doctors in the practice look at him. He took it all quite well.

Apparently this condition could turn into a sarcoma down the road, so his eye will have to be monitored as time goes on.

To have been through so much, he's one of the best pets we've ever had.

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Wildefrost said...

Wow, that's an incredible story. Go Ashley!!!!

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