Saturday, December 10, 2005

Speaking of Scary Movies - Wolf Creek

Had to install Flash 8 to load the Wolf Creek website, but it offered up some interesting graphics once I got it working. They're providing the trailer for iPod and PSP as well.

I decided not to ask for a video iPod from Santa. I think I'm going to let it gestate a while longer and buy the inevitably improved version that will come probably sooner than later, but it's encouraging to know I'll have plenty of things to watch in waiting rooms (and boring meetings) when I do spring for one.

The lips say Texas Chainsaw but...
That Hills Have Eyes remake may not be necessary after all if Wolf Creek proves to be as chilling as the trailers and review epigrams suggest. It's being poised as an Outback Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though the site bears a Blair Witch influence with it's "based on a true story" overtones. There's definitely plenty to do there since the film is a don't open until Christmas--you get a blog, some true story browsing, clips and an ongoing slideshow backdrop.

It really strikes me as a gritty new take on The Most Dangerous Game (Warning: That link contains popups if you're not wisely using Firefox) from sophmore English class. I guess that tale is a little too far off the pop culture radar to have any marketing value, but it was one of the better stories I ever had to read for an English class.

It's definitely iPod Notes worthy. And that's how I'm tying this whole rambling post together.

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