Saturday, May 26, 2007

Zombie Ads

Microsoft has combined two things I like--zombies and cool advertising---in a new spot appearing in tech magazines.

Touting Microsoft Forefront® enterprise security software , the ad features a guy clearly from the IT department facing down a hoard of undead attackers. (I'm no bigger fan of Microsoft than the next guy, but I do appreciate creativity.)

The message notes it's easy to stop zombies, lumbering, brainless oafs that they are, and even easier to prevent malware on a network with Forefront.

It's a great approach for the message's audience.

No doubt inspired by The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z and the "Living Dead" franchise, the ad points to a supporting website,

It's a microsite requiring a fast connection, and one flaw I see is that there's not a clever time-killing icon to occupy you during the download.

Otherwise the website provides lots of fun as it dramatizes and expounds upon the zombie-fighting pointers from the ad such as "4. Find a weapon, any weapon." The funny bits culminate with a sales pitch about Forefront and options for additional info on the software.

I've only seen the zombie print ad but the site features other enemies, so I suspect more ads with a James Bond-style spy, a gray alien and a Ninja will be coming in future issues of Network World.

That I shall look forward to.

An omission: I should have noted earlier that the new Forefront campaign was created by Mccann Worldgroup.

(No rights to image implied.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, Zombies are funny, but has anyone ever considered "their" rights? I see a movement afoot to stop the humorous exploitation of cavemen, so maybe soon the Zombies will have their own movement.

RK Sterling said...

Oh, Sidney - didn't realize you were a zombie fan. You'll be pleased to know then, that in a WIP I have, a young boy named Sidney becomes good friends with a zombie named Charles. (Which why I just had to laugh out loud at Charles' comment - I guess some things are just meant to be.)

Sidney said...

If they go the caveman route I guess they will get their own sitcom soon. :-)

Kate, sounds like another touching story of a boy and his zombie. I will look forward to it.

Clifford said...

I was in a trendy bookstore the other day and there were tags under some of the books with employee recommendations. Beneath a zombie book (can't remember which one) was the following recommendation:

"Zombie's are the new pirates!"

To add to that, last week a large group of people, dressed as Zombies, walked through the downtown area, walking into stores, dropping bloody body parts and looking for brains! A picture in the press showed a zombie in the Apple store, biting an iMac.

Zombies, you gotta love em!

Sidney said...

I love the "Zombies are the new pirates!" line. Almost a meme!

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