Saturday, May 12, 2007

Swords - and the day that we met

Me and short story author Robert "Wild Man" Petitt, who's MIA these days but I believe still kickin', walked into a bar.

Actually it was a hotel bar in New Orleans, and we were hanging around the old New Orleans Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, an annual party we used to all go to.

As we shared a couple of beers the first edition of "Hot Blood" came up. Robert and I were talking over one rather wild story included in that anthology.

Guy a couple of stools down heard us and allowed he'd read that story too and thought it was a wild trip. That guy was Charles Gramlich and we've been friends ever since.

You probably read about his newest book on his blog, but I thought I'd add a banner and a mention here for surfers who might not have our blogs in common. (Or as an extra nudge to those who do.)

I have not read it yet, but I can testify that he his a fine writer, a true lover of swords and sorcery, and I can tell you his tale "Dark Wind," which he donated to animal welfare recently features action-packed prose that is stylish and fabulous.

I'm sure the trilogy which "Swords" begins is penned with the same devotion to excellence and the same love of myth and magic.

If Bayou Bob Petitt was here he'd say Check it Out.


RK Sterling said...

Nice to hear how you guys met. I'm planning on buying (and advertising) Swords also. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my writing, Sid. I well remember that day. It was that hotel right around the corner from Xavier, which was probably why I was able to get free to come over for a few minutes that day. It hooked me on cons, and it was great that folks like yourself and Bob, who were already pros, didn't mind being chatted up by a fan. The story we were talking about was "The Thang" by Robert McCammon.

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