Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's Not on the iPod

Christine has been humming "Comfortably Numb" since "Kennedy and Heidi" ran Tony and Cris-tuh-fur off the road Sunday night on "The Sopranos." Yep, along with "Lost" and "24" we're watching the final season of "The Sopranos" live rather than delayed by DVR.

That means we've had to keep quiet for friends who are viewing The S's on further delay such as DVD. Perhaps knowing a secret has contributed to my, my, my brown-eyed girl's obsession with the CN version from "The Departed" soundtrack--of which Christopher had a bootleg copy of course--rendered by Roger Waters with Van Morrison/The Band rather than Pink Floyd.

Its a soothing tune, a bit like church as Brian Williams notes, but humming has had to suffice so far because like the title song from "Veronica Mars" and a few other annoying examples, the Morrison and The Band rendition at least the 7 plus minute version on "The Departed" is not a 99 cent download.

You can only get it if you pop for the whole album, "The Departed: Music From the Motion Picture" not to be confused with "The Departed Original Score."

While it's savvy marketing, that's a bit annoying, especially since it's a rare case of a large, shared social soundtrack produced by a pop cultural event. Most of the time we as a people are more fragmented these days.

We'll spring for the album by the end of the week, I predict, but that's the kind of thing Christine has to cogitate on a while first, tightwad that she. I just would have liked to have had it sooner.

Sorry this post has more cross references than an annotated Joyce novel, but that's what's on my mind.


Charles Gramlich said...

Comfortably Numb is a great song. Lana's a big fan of it. But then she has Pink Floyd drinking glasses and even Pink Floyd light switches, not to mention t-shirts, posters, and assorted other items.

Sidney said...

I guess every specialty item is just another brick in the wall. Ah, I kill me.

Drizel said...

funny how you can watch a show and a song just invest your head..with me it was a song in one of CSI episodes...everywhere is familiar gosh still dont know who the song is by...but I love it:)

Sidney said...

CSI winds up using a lot of good songs. I like "Baba O'Riley," the theme from CSI New York.

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