Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lost: Gendarmerie

(Contains spoilers if you're waitng for the DVD, blink now.)
When I caught just the glimpse of the "Sawyer" file Locke was reading on Lost's "The Brig," I knew I'd be visiting Lost Eastereggs for a better view this a.m..

Gendarmerie's certainly an interesting hint of something more. I didn't know what a gendarmerie was until I visited Wikipedia--a "military body charged with police duties among civilian populations."

Does Dharma/Hanso/Mittelos have not just people keeping tabs but an entire secret army at work in the world off the island?

Is that something I missed with I started to lose interest in the Lost Experience?

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful tidbits sprinkled throughout "Lost."

I know there's been a lot of "Lost" bashing, but I remain optimistic that a fabulous master work is unfolding.

Even an obvious revelation like last night's identity/cross was handled deftly and with twists to make it satisfying.

I'm staying on for the ride.


Stewart Sternberg said...

I am excited about season 3, and I haven't even seen one episode of it. I have only watched the show on DVD. I loved the second season better than season one and hope that this season lives up to the last.

You're the guy who turned me onto Veronica Mars, which I watch in the same fashion.

The only problem with watching such a high profile show on dvd is staying away from spoilers.

Sidney said...

I think other than the spoiler problem, DVD is a good way to watch "Lost" and Season 3 should really play well that way.

"Lost" and "The Wire" are probably the best argument for using a Play all Episodes click because once you start you really want to watch straight through.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've got to pick up this stuff on DVD and sit through it. Sounds like it's right down my alley.

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