Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's on the iPod - The Tennessee Stud and Memories

Sometimes on shuffle my iPod dredges up songs and memories I'd forgotten.

This morning, "The Tennessee Stud" from one of Johnny Cash's American albums clicked into play.

It reminded me of my old man, as many things do these days.

He'd hum the "Tennessee Stud" when he bounced me on his knee, and he had a dozen variations of the bounce.

He'd identify the types of horses, and raise and lower his knee differently for each.

I don't remember all, though I remember the Tennesse Walker was a vibrant variety and I think I'd almost tumble off the bronc.

And yeah, I found a lyric that applied to old man - He had the nerve and he had the blood.

Never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud and no one had an old man like my old man.


Charles Gramlich said...

A nice tribute to your old man. I always liked Johnny Cash. For some reason, my general dislike of country music never extended to him.

RK Sterling said...

That was nice, Sidney. I've had such great images of your dad from some of your posts.

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