Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's on the iPod? - Kinkytoons!

Kinkytoons have been available on (the next Texas Govornor!) Kinky Friedman's website for a while now, but it's nice to have them available for the iPod through iTunes.

Now they can be viewed anywhere and shared with friends.

Although they're devoted mainly to what was the uphill battle to get on the ballot as an independent, they're still a blast. Now that the Kinkster is on the ballot and making Gov. Rick Perry sweat about a debate, they still have plenty of irreverent humor and pithy political points.

Check out "10 Things that are Easier to Do Than Run For Texas Governor" and "I Looove Texas" and visit the Kinky website for a third.

The campaign rolls on
I've been watching the Kinkster's campaign as it's developed, and I'm proud to say I went out to sign his petition to get on the ballot when it passed through my town.

There was a time I would have said an independent candidate was a vote in the wrong direction, but the Ten Reasons To Elect Kinky Friedman Governor Of Texas(.pdf format) makes some excellent points, No. 8 being "The Two Party System is Broken" and 1o. It's time to declare independence from politics as usual."

Somehow Kinky's points about special interest groups and the like resonate much like a passage from Jon Stewart's political work:

From America: The Book:

“This model of direct elections by the people for representatives of a lawmaking body to be overseen by corporate lobbyists with obscene amounts of cash has proven so efficient that 96 percent of Congressmen are reelected. Clearly the system is working. Why else would the same officials be elected over and over and over again? Voter apathy? Entrenchment born of a corrupt system designed to ensure those in power stay in power? Tell it to Castro, Paco.”

NPR recently reported on a study that Stewart's The Daily Show is getting young people engaged in the political system.

Are we moving into an era where pop culture impacts an entrenched and corrupt system?

The cynic in me says nah. The optimist says maybe.

Get your Kinky toons and look for the Kinky action figure press conference on iTunes too. It has my favorite Kinky one-liner: "I can't screw it up any worse than it already is!."

More Kinky audio and video

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