Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Profile Image - Cosmic Sid

Wayne, my buddy, dredged up an old photo of me from his hard drive.

That was a great weekend on Barsoom.

OK you got me
The actual shot was taken on a snow day, and I used it when I was first getting the hang of Photoshop.

You may recognize the sand dunes from one of the standard Photoshop sample photos.

The planets were created in Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6 with one of the picture tube features that Adobe seems to build into Illustrator but not Photoshop. ?!



Charles Gramlich said...

Looks to me like you're on Dune. Watch out for the Sandworms.

Sidney said...

Yeah, those would be worse than an ear worm.

Anonymous said...

Very clever! Actually, I was thinking more a slimmer and younger George Lucas on location in Tunisia doing Tatooine scenes! You can imagine C-3PO on the dune behind you. x

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