Monday, July 24, 2006

Horse Slaughter Action Needed

The Texas Humane Legislation Network is reporting that H.R. 503, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA), is to be reviewed at 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 25, 2006, by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. That's the national body, so everyone can get involved.

THLN notes:

"Crowded into trailers and exposed to the elements, horses are hauled for up to 28 hours without a break. When they reach the slaughterhouse, callous workers poke and beat the animals as they are shoved into the kill box. Despite the federal mandate that horses be rendered unconscious before having their throats slit, repeated blows with captive bolt guns are often necessary to stun them, and their death is protracted and excruciating. Members of Congress must end this practice by adopting the AHSPA in its original form."

What individuals can do
THLN recommends those wishing to stop the slaughter:

"Please contact ALL subcommittee members and urge them to strongly support the AHSPA as written. Make a special effort to respectfully request all members of the subcommittee who are cosponsors (indicated by * in the contact list below) ATTEND the committee hearing and SUPPORT both the AHSPA and Representative Whitfield, who is participating in the hearing. Call or fax TODAY until the hearing takes place on Tuesday. Please share this Action Alert with family, friends and co-workers, and encourage them to call or fax their Members of Congress, too."

Chair and Ranking Min. Member Phone Fax

Chair: Cliff Stearns (R-FL) 202-225-5744 202-225-3973

Rnk: Janice Schakowsky (D-IL)* 202-225-2111 202-226-6890


Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)* 202-225-2906 202-225-6942

Charles F. Bass (R-NH) 202-225-5206 202-225-2946

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) 202-225-2811 202-225-3004

Mary Bono (R-CA)* 202-225-5330 202-225-2961

Sherrod Brown (D-OH)* 202-225-3401 202-225-2266

Barbara Cubin (R-WY) 202-225-2311 202-225-3057

Jim Davis (D-FL)* 202-225-3376 202-225-5652

Nathan Deal (R-GA) 202-225-5211 202-225-8272

Diana DeGette (D-CO)* 202-225-4431 202-225-5657

Michael Ferguson (R-NJ)* 202-225-5361 202-225-9460

Charles Gonzalez (D-TX)* 202-225-3236 202-225-1915

Gene Green (D-TX)* 202-225-1688 202-225-9903

Edward Markey (D-MA)* 202-225-2836 202-226-0092

Tim Murphy (R-PA) 202-225-2301 202-225-1844

Sue Myrik (R-NC)* 202-225-1976 202-225-3389

C. L. “Butch” Otter (R-ID) 202-225-6611 202-225-3029

Joseph Pitts (R-PA)* 202-225-2411 202-225-2013

George Radanovich (R-CA) 202-225-4540 202-225-3402

Mike Rogers (R-MI) 202-225-4872 202-225-5820

Mike Ross (D-AR) 202-225-3772 202-225-1314

Bobby Rush (D-IL)* 202-225-4372 202-226-0333

Tedd Strickland (D-OH)* 202-225-5705 202-225-5907

Lee Terry (R-NE) 202-225-4155 202-226-5452

Edolphus Towns (D-NY)* 202-225-5936 202-225-1018

Fred Upton (R-MI) 202-225-3761 202-225-4986

* Denotes HR 503 Co-sponsors

The committee site is here.

More reading

A .pdf on 5 reasons horse slaughter in America is a disgrace.

Willie Nelson speaks out against horse slaughter

Kinky Friedman on horse slaughter - Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

The Washington Times - Stop Horsing Around

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