Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another page from one of my horror comics

This is from the hard to find--if anyone was looking--fourth issue of The Mantus Files, a comic book mini-series I wrote for Malibu Graphics back in ancient times. It was edited by my buddy Roland Mann and drawn by Thomas Giles.

Horror Comic Scene - The Mantus Files from Sidney Williams and Thomas Giles

This page comes near the end of the tale, right before the story's version of "all Hell" breaks loose with a twist about the dragon talked about and anticipated through most of the series. I thought we came up with kind of a cool way for Mantus, our occult investigator hero, to kill him. The guy in the pic's not the dragon, by the way. He's a guardian from the dark side.

Hmm, guess that dialog could have been a little better.

The defeat of the rampage involved some saintly relics that we made up, though the course to them took Mantus through a lot of real New Orleans locations.

Mantus files can be ordered from The Nostalgia Zone


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The Imaginary Diva said...

I admire fantasy writers. They have a genius mind. Great work.

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