Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's on the iPod? Aquaman!

OK, it's probably a sign that I'm too easily amused--see my previous post, the uh, one with the dictionary--but I always get excited when new shows turn up on iTunes.

Warner Bros. shows were added yesterday including The Jetsons, The Flintsones and Babylon 5, although it's the season with the commander I didn't like.

I like finding things that might otherwise not have seen the light of day, though. That's why I popped for the Aquaman pilot.

Oh yeah, there's an Aquaman pilot
The potential Smallville spinoff was previously just past the edge of my peripheral vision, but I was pleasantly surprised when I watched.

It made a half-hour on an exercise bike set to a cardio cycle feel about like a half hour, but it was an exciting tale.

Revisionist history
It should be noted for future generations that the show's not how it really happened. (That's my old Aquaman action figure from Mego to illustrate how the A-man really looks, except when he has long hair and the metal hook for a hand.)

In this version Aquaman doesn't have green pants. Those were pants weren't they? His shirt always looked kind of scaley.

He's touched by the sea as a youth when he and his mom are lost in the Bermuda Triangle and thus he becomes a troubled older youth with phenomenal swimming abilities.

Lou Diamond Phillips is his costguardsman father, who'd be happy if he'd just take the civil service exam and settle down.

Aquaman has other things on his mind like clashing with federal agents and meeting other sea worthy folks and Ving Rhames who has more to reveal about his past.

It's kind of a shame the show didn't make it upstream.

Read more about it at Aquaman TV.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I still remember a series called "The Man from Atlantis," which starred the guy who played Bobby Ewing on Dallas. I even have the first novelization of that show. Sounds like aquaman would have been better.

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