Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ash's Meditation

We don't know what Ash went through before he found his way to our doorstep. He had a little "will provide companion animal services for food" sign when he showed up.

I've mentioned in this space before he's blind in one eye. Though the eye is entact, his vetinary ophthalmologist found the retina pretty badly damaged. Could have been a BB or some other injury in his past.

That's led us to wonder if he has a touch of neurological damage.

The perfect feline

Or at least I speculate that. Christine think's he's the perfect cat. Monty, our oldest tom, is trying to teach him bad habits but so far few have stuck.
He definitely has some practices that differ from the other cats in the house, most notably a meditative ritual he performs several times a day.

He usually undertakes this on the Afghan on the back of the sofa. That's preferable to what Monty tends to do to the sofa. He has, uh, scratching issues.

Anyway, perching on the sofa, Ash begins to knead with all four feet; it's a constant, gentle stomp. Sometimes he does it quietly, other times it's accompanied by howling meows.

The first few a.m. times these awakened me I thought Monty was killing him.

I'm not sure what he accomplishes -- sometime he hops down and moves on to other cat business after he's stomped a while. Other times, he curls up and goes to sleep, so maybe it's just an instinctive, flatten-the-grass-down-for-a-nap trait he picked up from his ancestors who lived in the wild.

Or ancient temples.

Monty just seems to look at him a little nonplussed when all this goes on. And he seems to shake his head and say: "I just don't understand his religion, but he certainly adheres to his rituals faithfully."

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Charles Gramlich said...

The "kneading" act is probably practice for how your cat plans to soften up your dead flesh for eating after you die. Just a thought from the morbid quarter.

WagerWitch said...

Actually... Uhm... Well... He's uh...

Shall we say... Taking matters... into his own "paw"?


He's rather adorable - but if he isn't neutered - he needs female companionship - and he likes the afghan... A LOT.


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Sidney said...

Nah, he's been fixed so I don't think romance is on his mind, or maybe it is along with a sense of loss.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's the reincarnation of some Buddhist master. You never know. This is extremely cute, though, and would certainly be great fodder for an interesting animal sidekick in a book.

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