Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hardboiled Horror

Seems in this electronic age I go through various stages of reconnecting and losing touch and reconnecting again with friends I've passed on the journey.

Ironically this week, I've touched base electronically with two pals from Coast Con Days.

Exchanging electronic missives with one of them, Christopher Mills, reminded me it had been a while since I had checked in on Femme Noir and other residents of his Supernatural Crime site.

I thought Femme Noir was fabulous the first time I read a few panels. It has a certain flavor and style that reminds me of Will Eisner's The Spirit, though it's all fresh. It's a great blend of dark noir mood, crime and horror.

If you're a horror comics fan, the site will keep you busy for hours.

We're talking dark, rainy streets, gats, shadows and that's just in Femm Noir. The site also features the adventures of a host of other grim figures and occult detectives.

Give it read.

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