Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Get Getting Lost

My buddy Wayne wrote the A to Z Lost Glossary with 600 plus entries that culminates this new book on the Lost TV series.

It's called Getting Lost in case you have images turned off, and it's a collection of essays including an interesting intro from editor Orson Scott Card who outlines a series idea he had a few years back that had a similar premise. Getting the great Sci-Fi and somtimes horror (Lost Boys) author's take as well as the synopsis of his "lost" (sorry) idea makes it quite worthwhile, not to mention the additional essays and viewpoints.

It's a must if you're a "Lostie" suffering through the summer months with only reruns and the Lost Experience, it's a definite bromide.

So, speaking of can't wait until September, anyone heard any new rumors?

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Anonymous said...

Season Two is still running over here, which helps keep the withdrawal from 'Doctor Who' under control, quite frankly, along with some other fantastic dramas - plus 'Torchwood' begins in the Autumn, promising a British X-Files with horror and sci-fi elements and featuring Captain Jack from the first series of the new Who, with what happened to him after the Daleks and his resurrection being at the core of the ongoing mystery in the new show. It sounds fab! x

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