Monday, August 15, 2005

What's on the Pod?

Shortly after it was reported, we were talking about the attack on Mark Cohn last week. That led to discussing the Walking in Memphis lyrics. I looked it up on iTunes for a download. I suspect I'm not the only one who did that.

I love song lyrics that have enough meaning that they warrant further exploration, and "Walking in Memphis" certainly does that with references to W.C. Handy, blue suede shows and Beale street. It's a song I've always liked. Once upon a time I owned it, but I lost it in one computer crash or another - so it was time to put it on the 'pod.

I realized as we discussed the various references, that I was unsure about the whole Muriel verse. I wound up checking the web for clarification, and happily that's explained in the FAQ on

I love finding the stories behind lyrics as much as re-examining lyrics. (Some songs you're not meant to understand, I suppose. I also spent a little time humming Waltzing Matilda over the weekend also because it's woven into the soundtrack of On the Beach which I'd DVR'd.) The Muriel references is a great story behind a song.

I think I'll have "Walking in Memphis" at the top of my "On the Go" playlist for a while.

Now if only iTunes would get "Fine, Fine Day" by Tony Carey.

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