Monday, August 08, 2005

What's on the Pod

I'm not a metrosexual, reluctant or otherwise. I'm too big a slob for that, and I think it's edged beyond passe anyway, right. Still, I downloaded a handful of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Podcast Hip Tips yesterday. I like to at least know where I'm falling short on things like exfoliating.

John Prine online
I don't have anything new from John Prine on the 'pod, just the tunes from Prime Prine that I got for Christmas several years ago. I discovered his work listening to NPR on a drive along Louisiana's I-49 once upon a time. I mention all that because a friend sent me some artwork he'd discovered on the Library of Congress website which prompted me to go there and discover they have a lot of stuff!

For example there's a webcast featuring John Prine and poet Ted Kooser. There's also a history of barbecue to watch as well. I might just since I've kind of become peripherally hooked on The Secret Life of... on Food Network. By peripherally hooked, I mean I listen to it out of the corner of my ear if it's on.

Maybe if the rumored video iPods come along, I can snag some LOC content for mobile viewing.

No progress on the RS 500 this week.

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