Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stupid Things I Could Do Vol. 2

I got another flash of how it all might end:

I'm driving back from the movies when I notice an excessive amount of trash strewn against the curb on the well-travelled thoroughfare a short distance from my home.

It looks like an entire trash bag has been opened, or either quite a bit has been tossed from passing windows in a short time.

Disturbed by the mess, I decide to do my civic duty. I pull around the corner and park. Then I walk back to the mess and start to pick it up. Cars whisk past me. One guy honks and shakes a fist.

More passers
I grab some crumpled beer cans and use discarded newspaper to form a container that will hold the litter.

More cars pass, some swerving. A couple of kids in a pickup flip me off.

Ignoring it all, I continue scraping up the mess. I'm so diligent I become more focused on what I'm doing and less on the traffic.

The Logo on the Grill
Suddenly I hear the squeal of breaks and that awful shriek of rubber on pavement. I look up just in time to see the grill of an SUV sliding forward. It's shiny silver with the manufacturer's logo centered.

In an instant, before I can leap away, the logo brands my flesh and hurls me into the air, and it's:


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