Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My score: Jean Luc Picard

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I'm foremost a Star Trek TOS fan. I can't name every episode today like I once could, but I still get excited when Capt. Kirk outwits his adversaries using those snatch-things-from-the-mouth-of- disaster tactics.

One of my favorites is "The Deadly Years." (I looked it up, OK?) Knowing the Romulans have broken a Star Fleet code, he sends a message in that code (It's Code 3, I do remember that) because he wants them to hear the message and react. When they pull back based on his annoucement that he's going to make the quandrant unsafe for the next four solar years, he seizes that opportunity to warp the Enterprise out of danger. Cool, eh?

I like in Star Trek III when he's warned he'll have to give up his precious captain's chair if he persists in attempting to reunite Spock's spirt with his body against Star Fleet Orders. He doesn't hesitate, he says: "Warp speed, Mr. Sulu." When I discuss that part, Christine always says: "And then you wept?"

Despite my appreciation for Capt. Kirk's brashness, my score on the Star Trek Quiz shows my personality more closely aligns with Capt. Picard's.

Christine's take
Christine said that shouldn't come as a surprise, noting that I'm quiet and thoughtful and a fan of old detective stories as well. I guess Capt. Picard is a good personality score, and I have always admired his ability to achive goals within the confines of the Prime Directive, the Federation's first-do-no-harm rule.

Loved the one when he made contact with the guy who spoke in myths and metaphors and told him the Epic of Gilgamesh

I hope I'm worthy of the Picard banner they give you when you've finished the quiz. At the very least it's something to which I can aspire.

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