Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oliver's rambles

Oliver nee Sad Orange Kitty was missing his collar Monday morning. He slides under our fence and into the wooded area behind our house so I thought he must have lost it there. I walked around the yard and along the fence line looking for it but didn't have any luck, so I put a second collar on him with a name tag I had in reserve.

Last night I got a call from a woman who'd found his collar in her garden. I figured when I called her back I'd find out she lived a few houses down.

"I can probably just walk down," I told Christine.

She didn't live a couple of houses down, she lived a neighborhood away. Not far as the crow flies--which is probably what he was chasing--but I had to get in my car.

That prompted a discussion with Christine about whether he should join us inside.

She doesn't really want another inside pet, but I worry about his safety.

Yeah, I needed more anxiety in my life.

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Doctor Who said...

If your cat has claws-two paws(front preffered) with claws will do...then your cat should be safe as he is probably part of a Cat Syndicate that patrols the neighborhood(s). If your cat is fully de-clawed[sp.?] I would-personally-not let the cat out at night if at all.

If your interested, the BBC has done some amazing documentaries on domesticated cats and the neighborhoods they live in. Just a thought.

I have a friend who has five cats which he takes for walks-unleashed-around his neighborhood at night-unbelievable I know but very true.

Glad to hear the Novel is back on the front burner.


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