Friday, August 19, 2005

Five Things I Could Give a Crap About Plus Five Things That Are Cool

5 That I Could Give a Crap About

1. Britney Spears, Kevin etc.

2. Angelina/Brad/Jennifer

3. Paris Hilton

4. Big Brother 6

5. Prime time on the news channels - are all the shows all alike or what?

OK, six - sites that don't work in Firefox suck.

5 Things That Are Cool

1. The Cowbell Project - Once I complete my iPod playlist of the Rolling Stones 500 Best Songs Playlist (sometime around 2525, you know if anti-aging research yields results) - the cowbell tune list is next.

2. Flickr's Interestingness Last 24 Hours Page - it's artistry at its most inspirational.

3. Speaking of Flickr: The Sinking City Set.

4. css Zen Garden - Web design that seems like magic.

5. Red Eye - Love Wes Craven's work.

Alright, actually six: Battlestar Gallatica and the podcasts.

Oh, and one more - Frank DeFord, who'll happily be featured in "You Write Better Than You Play: The Frank DeFord Story" on ESPN 2 Monday night.

1 comment:

Doctor Who said...

I concur Sir. If you take Brad out of one of your equations I would say you have something to add to the Cool List. Just a thought.


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