Friday, July 27, 2007 - Out the corner of my eye

I don't have anyone on the ground at Comicscom in San Diego, but from the corner of my eye I'm watching the activity on, a promo for the new Batman Movie.

An "I Want You" poster featuring Heath Ledger as the Joker appeared this morning with cooridnates of where to go for a big henchperson recruitment gathering. is steadily solving and posting clues and they do have people on the ground.

Is this viral marketing or something beyond? Any way you slice it, it's COOL!

(No rights to image implied.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Another Batman movie? Many that franchise is getting up there by now. Not quite as long as Friday the 13th but gaining ground. I do like Heathe Ledger, though I'm not sure about him as The Joker.

Sidney said...

I think it will be pretty good, following the tone of "Batman Begins." Ledger's actually going to look pretty scary as the Joker.
They're going with a much darker interpretation it appears.

Wayne's going to be an extra in one scene they shot in Chicago the other day.

Wayne gets to be in "Batman." The only thing they're shooting close to me is Jessica Simpson joins the Army.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool for Wayne. Yeah, not much of interest shooting around Abita Springs at the moment.

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