Saturday, July 07, 2007

Is It Hot In Here Or Am I Crazy

I've been told, though I don't have it on any official authority, that our local weather man--the guy who interrupted Lost--tells school classes he visits that global warming is a croc.

I've read Michael Crichton's State of Fear, which illustrates the "it's not really that hot" argument with a compelling thriller plot involving conspiratorial environmentalists who all drive the Toyota Prius. Plenty of people emerged to disagree with Crichton after publication, though many others are like the weather man.

Christine and I were talking over the notion as we drove back from our local farmer's market this morning with a bag of organic apples and some blackberries. It's not as hot here as it is in the West, but that's mainly because it won't stop raining.

"I think the reasons for opposing efforts to correct warming issues are mainly economic," I observed, profound chap that I am. You can read dissertations on those matters by analysts more astute than I, who note many fear dreaded NGE's, non-governmental entities looming behind Kyoto.

Christine's been reading Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher--one of the subversive texts to which I was introduced in college. I believe it was in a class called Contemporary Society and Human Values.

She paraphrased and observed there's far more to the universe than the economic, we just forget about that. There's spiritual, environmental, ethical. She probably rattled off some others, as she cited Schumacher's notion that economic is a "fragmented" view.

It's certainly a time to mull and ponder and review findings from places such as the Center for Inquiry, who've posted a position paper on the global warming issue after evaluation of scads of scientific data.

To boil it down ;-) - They say it's hot in here.


Charles Gramlich said...

As I read the date, the warming trend is absolute fact. The causes are still unclear. It could be human agency. Could be that we're still in the natural warming period between ice ages. could be a simple upswing on a regular cycle. Could be all three or any combination of two. I'm betting it's a natural cycle perhaps slightly elevated by human activity.

Charles Gramlich said...

that's "DATA", not date.

Anonymous said...

This subject scares me to death; for my daughter. I worry enough as it is. The biggest step I've taken is investing in a push mower.

This person is looking for mask stories. Thought you might be interested. I wrote one for him last year. Pays $35 but it's easy.

speaking of...I'm going to read your story. Hope to have some feedback ready in the Write Stuff forum soon.

Sidney said...

I probably could do better on some things, but we generally try to be conscious of things that might contribute.

Thanks for the market info, Tammi. I love masks so I'll have to look into that.

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