Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I Ought To Be Reading Now - Joseph Finder's Power Play

Joseph Finder was nice enough to send me an ARC of his new novel Power Play, and I really should be reading it right now because it's due on the stands Aug. 7, and I really should write a thoughtful review to coincide with it. In case I don't make it:

Mr. Finder has taken the thriller in all new directions in his previous books including Paranoia, Company Man and Killer Instinct.

Power Play
appears to be a nail-biter or a grip-the-arm-of-your-chairer or generally a great page turner.

He always delivers excellent, character driven tales that are well plotted.

Here's the gist of the tale:

A group of employees from an aerospace company are on a corporate retreat sans usual means of communication when they're taken hostage by armed thugs.

Fortunately, a junior executive named Jake Landry is on hand. Landry has a darker past than anyone realizes and it's up to him to stop the bad guys.

Watch for it on the stands soon or for the audio book. Check back here for a review, if not by Aug. 7 at least shortly thereafter.

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