Friday, May 12, 2006

Pod Ads

I realized over the last few days I've now been influenced by podcast ads.

That's not a major life milestone, but it is sort of an interesting epiphany. Where were you when you heard the Berlin Wall went down? What was the first movie you saw? What was the first podcast ad that influenced you?

For me it was for The Travel Channel. I heard mention of a show on a couple of different 'casts and while I was flipping channels, it occurred to me to find the Travel Channel. (What that involved was getting my channel card out to check the number. I never seem to surf past The Travel Channel, probably because I worry a little about inadverdently ordering an expensive WWE event if I hit one of those "Click here to order" channels.) I wound up watching a segment about the Ginza. It may have even been on Anthony Bourdain's show, which is what they were hawking in the pod ad.

Other pod ads
As I check through the file cards in the cluttered cabinet of my brain, I notice other references to podcast ads.

I didn't go to Chili's for their special Cinco de Maya menu, available for a limited time only, but I know they had one.

And I know Slate has a writer who goes and tries out different occupations like being a nude model.

That all sunk in, even though I've clicked past everything on my DVR but the commercial with Robby the Robot in it. That I watched, but my real influences are piped directly into my head these days.

That should work until the buds rob me of my hearing.

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The best things about iPods is that I can talk to myself out loud, well, SING out loud and not have to shut up all embarassed. People just assume I have an iPod, not a wandering brain that forgets when I'm in public!

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