Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Lost" online

(Apparently I wasn't the only one watching online. was overloaded yesterday.'s streaming of its shows this month certainly came in handy.

My DVR froze at the thirty minute mark on "Lost" last night. It locked up right in the middle of a commercial with some girls looking over flowers, and even though the record light stayed on - it didn't record even though I waited a half-hour to reboot.

Moral: reboot early and cut your losses and don't believe your DVR's record light.

I went straight to this a.m. when I got up to watch, and I'm glad I did. I think if I'd even waited for iTunes I would have found out what happened in the last five minutes.

If you were conscious today, you couldn't miss the fact that You Know Who bought it. wasn't offering the trailer for next week, so I went to after watching the episode, thinking I might find it there and was hit with an annoucement headline. Um hum hum died on "Lost."

My friend who didn't get to watch last night she told me she had the episode spoiled by Good Morning America with no warning.

Moral of that story? Whatever network your favorite show is on, watch the other guy's news because they won't be giving the dead chracter or deleted contestant a sendoff on their morning show.

I warned Christine, my wife, to avoid any site that might be risky today. I should have said: "Just stay the hell away from a computer or a TV." She learned more than she wanted to on CNN just checking the news. "They said shots rang out," she said.

"Trust me," I responded. "Shots rang out is not a spoiler." It's who they rang out at. And rang out at.

We watched on this evening so Christine could see what we missed last night.

I've also watched a little of Desperate Housewives and Commander in Chief, not because I really care, but dang it's convenient having those streamed episodes. I'd like this to catch on, because I could have some kind of incident during an episode of 24. Ye gods!

And you don't even have to sit through the whole mandetory commercial with ABC's streaming. You get a prompt when ABC deems you've watched enough of a message about Cingular or Tylenol.

That's a bit of all right.

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