Friday, May 26, 2006

10 Signs You're Too Into The Lost Experience

10. You've ordered a fleet of Jeep Compasses from your local dealership.
9. You've put on 15 pounds drinking Sprites.
8. You've applied to be Thomas Mittelwerk's personal assistant.
7. You've changed your pet's name to Joop.
6. You're convinced that that short in your vacuum cleaner is an electromagnetic pulse.
5. You ask the convenience store clerk if they have any Williamsburg Tobacco products.
4. You settle for a can of Copenhagen.
3. Your summer vacation destination: Vik.
2. You're hoping to stop over briefly for a stay in the Love Suite at La Dolce Vita.
1. You're in love with Persephone.


Anonymous said...


AlgulSiento said...

And don't forget, you've just signed up to get your ConspiraSpy/Shutdown T-Shirt!

JoyceB said...

LOL! I love stumbling across other Lost addicts. I couldn't have been the only one who dove for the phone when the hanso phone number came up on the "commercial" a few weeks ago - especially since the number was busy for my first ten or so tries...

I'm a geek.

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