Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hours of "Lost" fun

A press release on reveals that the official Hanso Foundation site is back online.

It's souped up quite a bit and as alluded to in one of the official Lost podcasts, it should provide hours of fun.

More about Joop, the 100+ year old orangutan and strange things if you try to sign up for the newsletter.

I'm hoping Wayne, my buddy and a Lost lore expert will crack some of the mysteries and save me a little time. (Some great helps are now available here.)

The most interactive TV show ever
I'm hopelessly addicted to Lost's plot and characters, but I'm also fascinated by it pop culture impact and the viral marketing it has touched off, fueling the fascination with secrets and clues better than anything since So The Dark the Con of man was scrawled in the Louvre.

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