Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Movies I'm Looking Forward To

Looks like Stephen King's From a Buick 8 is on the horizon. According to Done Deal's Script Sales Report, George Romero, director of the original Night of the Living Dead and King's "The Dark Half" will direct. (Speaking of Romero - Done Deal also reports a Day of the Dead remake is planned.)

I always enjoy Stephen King event television. I didn't get to see the complete "Kingdom Hospital" until the DVD, but I usually catch the various miniseries in first run.

I think "The Shining" was my favorite though "Storm of the Century" was interesting as well.

The Rose Red stuff was not my favorite, but I found it interesting because I've always been a fan of "de-haunting-a-house" thrillers like the original The Haunting (I wrote a piece on that Shirley Jackson novel as an "indepedent scholar" for some educational volume once upon a time) and The Legend of Hell House. - (Check out this great page on Richard Matheson, author of Hell House.)

I re-watched the latter a couple of days after Halloween, having DVR'd it from a Fox Movie Channel airing. It was probably the best quality print I'd ever seen.

The last time I watched it must have been back in the aforementioned day most channels came in fuzzy at my house.

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