Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Green stamps

Trading stamps and who can remember them became the focus of conversation the other night when my boss and I were having dinner with some business associates.

Green fades
We realized they are one of those things that sort of fade away without your realizing it.

But those of us of a certain age recalled the little telephone dial dispensers the clerks used to crank out your green or yellow stamps, depending on where you shopped.

We were mainly an S&H Green stamp family. (It's sort of a testament to their resiliancy, I guess, that they're still around in a virtual format: S&H Greenpoints.) I think we probably pasted in a few Top Value stamps as well.

I don't remember getting anything but crap with them. The thing that stands out most is a hair dryer my mother picked out.

I was a teenager and trying to wear my wavy hair long without a lot of success. A blow dryer seemed like a requirement.

My mom didn't get the memo on blow dryers.

She came home from the Green Stamp store with a plastic bag that had a tube sticking out of it and a heat generator of some sort, though I don't recall that part.

Some of the younger people in our office, whom we polled the day after dinner, had no knowledge of trading stamps.

They don't know what they missed.

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