Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hills Have Rs

I was reading on via Empire about the efforts to earn an R rating for the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. One long and brutal scene has so far garnered an NC-17.

I was prompted to check out the Internet Movie Database entry on the film, due in 2006, and I discovered a message board entry -- no more lightweight PG-13 horror movies, someone celebrated. Here's a back to basics terrorfest.

360 degrees
The world's done another 360 again. Back in the '80s people were singing laments about the feeling that horror films had to be R-rated and spiced with gore. The economics of general audiences changed that more than a desire to create atmospheric art.

Some horror films need to be R or NC-17 . I'm all for a new "Hills" being as gory as it wants to be.

But I do love quiet scares too, and sometimes those are the best.

The Others with its eerie twists.

The Village with its lurking fears.

The Haunting with its unseen ghosts and loud noises.

The Univited with its ghostly seaside mansion.

Hey, it's all good.


Anonymous said...


You're right, when done properly, the graphic stuff works well. But sometimes, it's the quiet stuff that lingers behind and raises the hackles. By the way, I LOVE the ORIGINAL version of The Haunting...I'm sure that's the one you're referring to here (:

Sidney said...

Hey - Definitely the 1963 version with Julie Harris. Ironically, I first watched that one cold day close to Christmas, the same time of year that "The Legend of Hell House" is set. I think that one is R but it's generally a quiet-horror piece as well and I still love it too.

Christopher Trottier said...

My problem with most horror films is that they simply aren't scary anymore.

Punk Parent said...

There is nothing quite as scarry as an effective ghost story. The Changling comes to mind too. But the fluff crap that hollywood has been turing out at pg-13 sucks. More hard horror please. Just my opinion.

Sidney said...

Yeah, it is hard to find really good horror films of either variety. I'm always looking for gems in the genre, whatever their tone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't forget The Changeling...a low budget chiller!

Sidney said...

We're talking the one with George C. Scott right. That one has a nice mystery element to it also, but of course the wheelchair moving on its own is the truly chilling moment. As I recall my buddy had to peeled down off the theater ceiling when that happened.

Anonymous said...

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