Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Seattle time

I get a breezy vibe from Seattle. It sweeps in off Eliott Bay as I walk along the waterfront and follows me up through the shaded cobblestones of Pioneer Square. After a while I wind up thinking I was born in the wrong place.

I spent a week with some good people in Seattle back in ’98 and it didn’t take me long to sink back into loving the culture. Christine got me a Life is Good tee-shirt before our trip last week, one featuring the stick man named Jake grilling burgers--she said they should probably be veggie burgers to fit Seattle’s true spirit. It helped me assimilate into Emerald City culture, I suppose. I was still trying to get oriented when motorists were stopping to ask me how to get to Smith Tower.

Sight seeing
We hit Pike Street Market our first afternoon off the plane and fit in some sushi, Tully's Coffee, an Indigo Girls
concert at Lake Union and a couple of tours of Eliott Bay Book Company.

It was a cool week and I managed to choose one once again without rain.

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