Sunday, July 24, 2005

Does Anyone Remember "Parts the Clonus Horror"?

Just saw The Island. Good action movie with some bioethical undertones. Bioethical undertones, simplistic though they may be, are pleasantly unexpected in summer fare. About half the movie is solid science fiction, and about half of it is souped-up action a la director Michael Bay’s Con Air” and The Rock

As I watched, I couldn’t help recalling an old low-budget flick called Parts: The Clonus Horror. It was, I believe, made by the same company who gave us the Giant Spider Invasion featuring Perry Mason’s assistant fighting eight-legged special effects in mink coats.

Parts is probably better known because of its treatment on “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” It doesn’t include souped-up action a la Con Air and The Rock.

For example, Ewan McGregor makes a getaway from his pursuers on a police motor cycle with vertical takeoff and hover capabilities. The hero of Parts--this guy who was always on "Adam-12" flees pursuers on a bicycle with a banana seat. Both do escape with fellow clone captives who happen to be pretty, vivacious blondes, a key ingredient for big and low-budget films, I guess.

Budget differences aside, premise wise the stories are the same. Parts and The Island are both about clones being maintained in a remote environment unaware they’re on hand to provide spare parts for the wealthy who have outside lives but unpleasant things like bad liver conditions. Peter Graves is a politician who has a clone counterpart in Parts. There’s an allusion to a presidential clone in Island.

As far as I know The Island is not an official remake, and it goes off in far more exciting, big-budget action directions such as Con Air and The Rock, but I guess you just can’t really escape sequels and remakes in July.

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