Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Site

I have to clean up the code on my personal site. I did a quick redesign a few weeks ago because it had been a sprawling mass of tables with a few wandering links for too long. I’m generally pleased with the new look, but to get the rollovers I wanted created a bloody Javascript mess. I’m going to migrate that to CSS. I keep putting off CSS for my own site for a while mainly because of the learning curve.

Web Design World’s CSS evangelism plus the introduction to the Zen Garden provided a nice kick in the pants to get me going.

I’m kind of pleased with the convergence of metaphors for my site, at least. I mixed in a computer keyboard and a fountain pen along with a Courier-like font suggesting old typewriters. The rollover – just a touch of a wind effect, in the back of my mind, represents text on paper swept by one of those old typewriter erasers. Anyone remember those round white ones with the brush trailing behind it. Yes, I’m a hundred years old now.

0% passive sentences. Yay!

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