Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Seldom an ill wind

The ad agency behind Careerbuilder's Super Bowl commercials wasn't exactly fired. They quit after the Careerbuilder powers that be called for an "agency review." That because the "office jungle" spots didn't score in the Top 10 of a U.S. Today poll of favorite Super Bowl ads.

I can't help but think the "firing of the client" was a good idea. It's certainly generated a lot of buzz and discussion in advertising trade publications such as Advertising Age and Ad Week.

Everybody knows now--if they didn't already--that Cramer-Krasselt helped Careerbuilder surpass Monster in popularity using their chimp ads, viral e-mails and other clever techniques, not to mention coming up with those Abe Lincoln and the beaver ads for another client. Somehow I suspect they'll take up the slack.

And those "jungle" ads such as "Darts" are great.


Charles Gramlich said...

I almost never remember what my favorite ads are for. I remember the story/imagery but not the product. Watching the jungle ad made me think, advertising is sort of the equivalent in writing of flash fiction.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

sid, i still cannot understand the lincoln and beaver insomia ad, and what the hell is the guy in the diving suit doing by the sink? help me the holy crap out here!

Drizel said...

as I have no clue what add your talking about I will just smile:)

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