Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dispatches from Toronto

Wayne is attending the World Horror Convention in Toronto.

I couldn't go due to scheduling problems, and by scheduling problems I mean Christine said I couldn't. (To be fair, she didn't say I couldn't, she just wants to go several other places this year and I got to go to Austin with Wayne in the fall.)

Anyway Wayne is sending me periodic dipatches from a pay-by-the-second computer. They are thus brief dispatches.

So far he's reported running into Joe Lansdale and his daughter Kasey, who is an up and coming country singer. Joe is the Grand Master winner for this year.

Wayne and I each bought Kasey's album when we ran into Joe at World Fantasy in Austin when he was hanging out at Scott Cupp's table in the dealer's room. (Ed Bryant once dubbed Scott the Salman Rushdie of Texas because of his story "13 Days of Glory" in Razored Saddles.)

Casey's CD is a great collection of tunes. You can listen to more tunes on her website linked from her name above, so you don't have to take my word for it.

Wayne also reported that he was about to go to the autograph party last night to John Hancock a few copies of his book Fiends by Torchlight.

Wayne might find some free wireless using Larry Santoro's laptop. If I get more I'll post more.


Charles Gramlich said...

"13 Days of Glory" was a wild romp of a story. I like the comment about Scott being the Salmon Rushdie of Texas. Probably so. Keep us posted on Wayne's experiences.

RK Sterling said...

Thanks for the update, Sidney. I was wondering where Wayne had gone off to. I was concerned because his disappearance coincided eerily with that of Stewart's - are you sure it's really Wayne who's contacting you? Maybe you should request some form of identification, but be careful!

Drizel said...

wowi, sounds like fun fun fun.
Stay well Sidney:)

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