Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yo Joe!

I've received a lot of nice notes from G.I. Joe enthusiasts since my mention of the G.I. Joe photo stories. It's opened the door for considerable nostalgia for me and also pointed me to some really interesting sites- a. b. etc.

I've Googled G.I. Joe in the past, but it's been a while. I remember finding mainly some interesting collector sites. There's much more in the blogosphere and across the web now - tons of great picture stories, I've learned, and lots more.

A Who Slide
In my review blog, irregular reviews, I recently suggested sort of jokingly, that it would be fun to fill the wait until the new Dr. Who debutes on The Sci Fi Channel by making a personal iPod slide show using the BBC's bounty of Dr. Who images provided as mobile phone wallpaper.

It would be great as well to see some of the G.I. Joe photostories turned into slide shows ready for import into a photo or video iPod. I know I could right click images and make my own, but I'd love to find some already prepared if they're out there.

If somebody's already doing that, please point me in the direction.

If not as my Adventure Team Commander might say: "I've got a tough assigment for you."

Somebody start a Yo!dcast.

I suspect, "The Adventure Team has the situation under control."

(Pictured above are a couple of my Joes who posed for a quick digital snapshot.)


Echo Team said...

wow Sid! that Kung-foo-grip (KFG) AT commander looks great! I hope you realize how fortunate you are to have your original Joes. Most guys would die to get their original old Joes back. Most have become vitims of garage sales, donations, fireworks, etc.
I see you are off to a great start in turning back the clock and picking up where you left off collecting joes. that Idea about pod-casting new Joe photo stories is great to, but you must realize not all of us have the technical prowess to do most collectors I know would drop $300 on good Joes in a flash......leaving no more money in the budget for a video i-Pod.

Sidney said...

Oh, yeah, I know it might be prohibitive. I was just throwing an idea out there for anyone who's doing photo stories and might be so inclined.

Yeah, I looked at ebay a little just to browse the Joes that are for sale, and I saw some of the prices even for those missing parts.

I do realize it's fortunate that I nabbed my G.I. Joes and boxed them together way back. Some other stuff in my parent's attic didn't fare as well.

ALX2000 said...

Those Joes look great!

While I'm not aware of anyone doing podcast type slideshows, I do know of at least two sets of folks who have produced action videos using 12" figures and sets.

Sidney said...

I'll check those out. Does anyone recall the G.I. Joe Viewmaster package from back in the day? I think each reel told a different story and seem to remember one involved something with temples and stolen gems or something like that.

Echo Team said...

Sid, Sean Huxter has the viewmaster reels on his must have missed those.

Sidney said...

I didn't see them, but I'll go back and look. Thanks.

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