Sunday, February 05, 2006

G.I. Joe stories

When I was a kid, Hasbro had a G.I. Joe club with a membership magazine and a certificate and other cool stuff related to the G.I. Joe toy series, I think even a set of dog tags.

They also encouraged you to send in pictures of your G.I. Joe adventures. I lived next to a vacant lot for a long time, so I snapped a lot of pics with the Kodak instamatic I got one Christmas.

There was a wide ditch where water tended to pool after rains, a great place to simulate a shoreline. The lot had other terrain that simulated other backgrounds. I liked to dig fox holes. My mom and dad didn't care much for that. My photos usually starred the G.I. Joe air adventurer because he had blond hair like I did in those days. I didn't have a beard then, though.

Taking it to new levels
I had no idea--though I should have imagined--that there was a G.I. Joe fan base today that had taken photo stories to a whole new level. But I discovered the intriguing levels fans are accomplishing when I listened to Podshock's latest Dr. Who podcast. (More on that here.)

Photo series creator Sean Huxter is interviewed rather extensively about his Dr. Who stories starring a Buzz Aldrin G.I. Joe against some elaborate back drops. It's really incredible what he manages.

Nerd fan stuff? Not at all if you consider that it comes from the heart, and his Remembrance featuring an old man's (Starring a Special Issue General Lee G.I. Joe) return to his Newfoundland home is truly touching.

For more interesting G.I. Joe work, visit here.


ALX2000 said...

Thanks, very nice article! Have known about Sean's work for several years and he is indeed a talented artist. And, you're right in that I wouldn't call this "nerd fan stuff". There are many ordinary people with an extraordinary talent for working with 1/6 figures to create elaborate dioramas, photostories, or realistically detailed miniatures. Heck, some of us just like to play with our kids. Here are some other examples of how far the hobby has come since G.I. Joe first appeared in 1964.

Sidney said...

Those are great links, many thanks. I really like the Regular Joes stories. I hadn't thought about G.I. Joes in a while, but happily I did gather mine out of my parent's attick for preservation a few years ago. I have the pygmy gorilla and the white tiger sitting on a bookshelf in my office as well.

Echo Team said...

Hi Syd, My name is Echo Team, the unofficial leader of Echo Team Headquarters (GI Joe is the official leader;)
Check out my blog

and follow the links on that page to other great blogs and forums.
Just warning you, getting your old Joes out of the attic may have dangerous consequences. GI Joe collecting is highly addictive and sets the aging process in reverse;)
ET (Eliot)

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