Saturday, February 18, 2006

Staying Alive

For the fun of it, I decided to enter the poster contest for Stay Alive, a teen horror film that looks not bad in the trailer. It involves gamers who become immersed in a computer RPG with a Victorian setting. When their characters die in the game, well you can see the tag line.

Kind of like the designers on "Project Runway" might leave a few strands of thread dangling from a seam, I have a rough edge here or there. So you see why I'm primarily a writer.

The hand is mine
The hook and manacles are from the offical entry packet. I got the computer monitor from Stock X Change, and used some blood spatter brushes for Photoshop that I picked up somewhere back down the line.

Took a digital image of my own hand against a mirror and cobbled it all together. The background, which doesn't show up well here is a techno-texture of glowing lines. Matrix-style stuff in red.

The most fun since glowing text
It's the most fun I've had in Photoshop since mid week when I dropped my friend Wayne Allen Sallee's face into a frame of a screen capture of the herioglyphic clock on "Lost." I put a scan from his business card in the slot that never got filled in before Locke re-entered "the numbers."

Wayne said it made his week. It's nice when secondary skills can do that.


Anonymous said...

Photoshop is not my friend, but I see that you have a great relationship with it...It's very professional. And creepy:)

Echo Team said...

ah, a joe-head and a photo-chopper.
your destiny awaits!

niroa said...

To my mind every person ought to browse on it.

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