Sunday, February 12, 2006

The box of 64

Once upon a time, Christine helped plan a women's seminar featuring a relationship speaker. He noted different people have different ranges of emotion and empathy.

He used crayon anaologies. Some people get a box of primary colors. Everything is red, blue and green. Others get 64 crayons- not just red, blue and green but salmon, cerulean and asparagus as well as dandelion and burnt sienna.

Did ya ever notice?
The people who experience life in red, blue and green, or even just black and white, think those blessed or cursed with a range of wider emotional hues are somehow the ones lacking something?


--josh-- said...

Yes! Yes, I HAVE noticed that!

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

Most days I feel like I've got a rainbow effect going on. Sometimes I try to get to too single minded about an idea, but I recognize it and at least try to remain open.

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